Edmonton Oilers | History and Memorabilia

The Edmonton Oilers are a professional hockey team in Edmonton, Alberta. With five Stanley Cups, seven conference championship wins, and deep roots in their city's history, it's no wonder their fans love them and want to proudly wear and display Edmonton Oilers memorabilia. East Coast Sports Collectibles has some of the best Oilers gear and authentic sports memorabilia.

A Brief History of the Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers were established in 1971 as a team based in Edmonton, Alberta and were one of the twelve founding World Hockey Association franchises. One of the team's founders, "Wild Bill" Hunter, had previously owned a junior hockey franchise named the Edmonton Oil Kings. And since one of Alberta's most prevalent natural resources is oil, Oilers became the official name for this new team. In the first game of WHA history, the Edmonton Oilers beat the Ottawa Nationals 7-4.

The Edmonton Oilers competed in the WHA from 1973 until 1979 when they officially joined the National Hockey League as a Pacific Division of the Western Conference member. Opened in 2016, Rogers Place is the team's current base for home games. The team has won five Stanley Cups and seven conference championships and is one of two NHL franchises based in Alberta, the other being the Calgary Flames. Lovingly referred to as "The Battle of Alberta," the two teams and their cities have a fierce rivalry that predates sporting events.

The Significance of Sports Memorabilia to Fans and Collectors

To sports fans, jerseys aren't just a piece of apparel. There is meaning behind the cloth. It speaks of emotional connections and is a symbol of fandom. Wearing or featuring a sports jersey is a way to show your loyalty to the team and the franchise, and it shines as a badge of honour. It forms a connection between the fans and their favourite players and is a way to show their gratitude for the team.

From the most diehard original loyalist to the freshest of fans, East Coast Sports Collectibles has all the authentic Edmonton Oilers memorabilia you need. With jerseys and other collectibles ranging from the early greats to the current top players, we'll help you find your next piece of sports memorabilia.

A History of Edmonton Oilers Jerseys

The Edmonton Oilers' jersey history is a storied one. They were first assembled in the 1970s, though it wasn't until 1979 that the team officially joined the NHL. Their original logo was a blue circle with an orange oil drop in the middle and two white stars to either side. This classic and simple design has remained relatively unchanged since its conception over fifty years ago.

The 1980s jerseys feature the most iconic colours: blue and orange with white highlights. It was also the decade that the team moved from the WHA to the NHL, a pivotal moment in Edmonton Oilers' history. This jersey is the most popular, as the team wore it during their rise through the NHL. And their success in the league is attributed mainly to Wayne Gretzky.

Wayne Gretzky

A former Canadian ice hockey player and head coach, Wayne Gretzky is among the most beloved by NHL fans and is sometimes called "the Great One." He played for four teams during his 20 seasons with the NHL from 1979 to 1999. Referred to as the greatest hockey player of all time by other players, sportswriters, and even the NHL itself, Gretzky led the Edmonton Oilers to four Stanley Cup championships.

He had more assists during his career than any other player who scored total points. He tallied over 100 points in 14 consecutive seasons and during 16 seasons in total. The only NHL player to do so, he totalled over 200 points a season. A feat he accomplished four times!

When he was inducted into the Hall of Fame immediately upon his retirement in 1999, he held 61 NHL records: six All-Star records, 15 playoff records, and 40 regular season records. While hockey is known as a violent sport, Gretzky was adamant against fighting in hockey and won five Lady Byng Memorial Trophies for performance and sportsmanship.

While Gretzky is no longer a player for the Edmonton Oilers, he is still a large part of its history. You can share a piece of the Edmonton Oilers' jersey history with our 1980 All-Star Mitchell and Ness Authentic Hockey Jersey that Wayne Gretzky himself has autographed.

Stuart Skinner

A team is more than just one player; without a good goaltender, an ice hockey team can't hope to get anywhere.

Stuart Skinner joined the Oilers in 2018 and split the 2021–22 season between the NHL and the AHL. In February of 2022, Skinner made his first NHL shutout. Playing the San Jose Sharks, he made 20 saves and allowed the Oilers to win the game 3–0.

On January 19, 2023, the NHL announced Stuart Skinner as one of the three Pacific Division final skaters in the 2023 NHL All-Star Game. His teammate, Leon Draisaitl, was also named as a final skater.

There are many different jerseys to choose from, but Stuart Skinner's Away Adidas Jersey is a prime piece of Edmonton Oilers memorabilia. If you want the look of the bright orange contrasted against royal blue, we have the autographed Stuart Skinner Home Adidas Jersey as well.

Leon Draisaitl

Joining the Edmonton Oilers in 2014, Leon Draisaitl quickly proved himself a top player. He scored the last NHL goal at Rexall Place in April of 2016 before its closing at the end of 2017. Draisaitl is the second youngest Oiler in the Stanley Cup playoffs to score a hat-trick and the fifth player to score five or more points in a playoff game. Though his contract numbers were initially controversial, he has become a star forward.

The Significance of the Oilers Logo

The Oilers' logo is more than just another icon along the road of the Edmonton Oilers' jersey history. It is a badge of Edmonton city's pride and rich history. As one of the two NHL teams in Alberta, the Oilers have won five Stanley Cups versus the Calgary Flames' one. The Oilers' logo symbolizes prevailing excellence and sportsmanship in the Battle of Alberta.

An Overview of Edmonton Oilers Memorabilia

In the search for Edmonton Oilers memorabilia, jerseys are one item that is heavily sought after. Autographed photos and pucks are also hot ticket items to put on display in your game room or man cave.

Different Types of Oilers Memorabilia Available 

Showcasing your team spirit goes beyond just wearing a jersey. We have options if you want something to decorate your space that immediately lets visitors know you respect the Oilers.

Autographed player photos have a hologram sticker which contains a number you can use to verify their authenticity. These glossy 8x10 photos are a standard letter size to fit most frames easily.

If a picture won't cut it and you need a piece of the game, there are signed hockey pucks with the Oilers' logo. Some of your favourite players, like Evander Kane, Klim Kostin, and Stuart Skinner, have autographed these pucks. There are even Edmonton Oilers' autographed official game pucks for sale for the real hardcore fans.

Collectible Items and Their Value

Collectible items can range dramatically in price, depending on how much a fan is willing to pay. Other things to consider are whether the player who autographed the item is retired or dearly departed, whether the item was made in a limited quantity, and if it's a remake or an official item. You have to balance an item's desirability, rarity, and exclusivity to know its value.

The Importance of Edmonton Oilers Memorabilia

While wearing a jersey to games or sporting events is a great way to identify other fans, sometimes a signed photograph or beautifully displayed puck from the game is more memorable when displayed in one's home. If you'd like to have something of the Edmonton Oilers' rival team, the Calgary Flames, you can also check out some of their sports memorabilia.

Retro Jersey

Oilers retro jerseys are a call back to the nostalgic days when the team first joined the NHL and won the Stanley Cup several times. These limited-edition Oilers retro jerseys are a staple piece of any collection of Edmonton Oilers memorabilia.

The Design and Popularity of the Retro Jersey

The NHL and Adidas introduced Reverse Retro sweaters and jerseys during a campaign from 2020 to 2021, giving a nostalgic look with a modern twist to every team in the league.

A reverse retro jersey is made by recalling a version of a team's jersey from a past decade and then reversing some of the colours. It provided a fresh way for fans to honour and revel in the golden age of the NHL and their team's accomplishments while still supporting the current team.

Every team will be sporting the Reverse Retro jersey in two to eight games during the 2022-23 NHL season, including special head-to-head matches beginning November 2 and continuing into early 2023. These jerseys are limited-edition, signed copies even rarer, so make the most of them while they last.

The Oilers Retro Jersey

We have a fantastic selection of Oilers retro jerseys. Want the autographed jersey of a final skater in the NHL All-Star Games? We have an Oilers retro jersey signed by Leon Draisaitl. This reverse jersey is mainly dark blue with orange and white designs that strike a dynamic contrast.

Availability and Significance of Retro Jerseys

Oilers retro jerseys and reverse retro jerseys are limited edition pieces of apparel released by the NHL. It can drive their value higher than standard jerseys. The Oilers were one of the NHL teams that got a flashy, nostalgic look with their retro and reversed retro jersey designs, so be sure to snap them up while they last.

Collecting Edmonton Oilers Memorabilia

If you're collecting Edmonton Oilers memorabilia, ensure the seller is a trusted vendor with verifiable credentials and that the goods are licensed sports collectibles and memorabilia. The only thing worse than not getting your hands on a rare piece of memorabilia is being scammed out of money and a beloved item.

The best place to find Oilers memorabilia is through East Coast Sports Collectibles. We coordinate with reputable sources and various athletes to deliver authentic and autographed sports memorabilia.

Every purchase of sports memorabilia comes with a certificate of authenticity. The tamper-proof hologram sticker on the purchase has a number you can type into our authenticity verification system to ensure your Oilers sports memorabilia is the real deal. The authenticity of the autograph on your purchase is protected and guaranteed.

The Edmonton Oilers

Jerseys and sports memorabilia form a bridge from the athletes and teams we love to the fans themselves. While the Oilers' logo is a connection to the team, the name and number on the back of a jersey is an attachment to your favourite players. It's also another way to show respect, not just for the current players, but for the past greats that helped shape the team as it is today.

Whether an old hand or new to this team, you can be a part of the history and camaraderie of the Edmonton Oilers by proudly showing off a new piece of Edmonton Oilers memorabilia from East Coast Sports Collectibles.

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