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As a sports fan, owning a memorabilia piece from your favorite team, player, or sport is indescribable. It reinforces the connection you share with your icons and makes you feel like a part of something greater than yourself. Canada's exclusive sports memorabilia market is worth billions because many people like having that feeling evoked. You can build on your collection by attending live events in the hope of coming away with something unique. Or, more reasonably, you can try to find pieces of memorabilia on sale. Calgary has a thriving collectibles market, and expanding your collection is as easy as knowing the right places to look. 

Welcome to Our Store 

We are an online Canadian sports collectibles store who loves supporting our hockey fans in Calgary. We have grown as a brand from the moment we opened our doors for all types of sports enthusiasts. Our success emanates from the effort we have put into our collection, which consists of vintage and modern items, all of which come with certificates of authenticity. The most valuable among these featured in a historical game. Our collection includes: 

Autographed jerseys 

Unsigned jerseys 

Autographed hockey pucks 

Autographed photos 

• Autographed NHL Helmets 

• Autographed Goalie Masks 

• Autographed NHL Alumni Bottles 

Why Shop With Us? 

We have a massive inventory of sports collectibles in Canada. You are bound to find something valuable regardless of the team you follow. 

We try to offer the best prices and stay on top of the competition. While we stock high-value items, many things are for sale under $100. 

We provide as many details on our items as possible. We have invested time in researching every item in our collection. Our provenance claims are substantiated as we follow our items' ownership journeys. 

We consist of an extensive network of professional collectible sellers. Our knowledge is unmatched. If you are looking for an item that we do not stock, we can do our best to help you locate them. 

The main advantage of shopping with us is our authenticity. We only sell sports authentic signed hockey memorabilia. We work closely with reputable sources not only for Calgary but all of Canada and beyond to verify and provide letters and certificates of authenticity on our most prized items. 

We are available to serve you 365 days a year. Our communication lines will always be open for you for all queries and consultations. Call East Coast Sports Collectibles at 587-543-0542 or email for hockey team gear and memorabilia. 

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