Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What Jersey sizes do you have in stock for your product?

A: Our jerseys will vary in size ranging between 50 (M) to 56 (XXL) with preference being between 52 (L) and 54 (XL).  Jersey size will not be guaranteed or listed in the product description, but if you are inquiring about a specific jersey and its size we will be sure to try and accommodate your needs.


Q: Does my product come with a Certificate of Authenticity? 

A: All of our product will come with a Certificate of Authenticity and a tamper proof hologram.  All of our product has been obtained from a range of top trusted partners in the sports memorabilia industry.  We have also been conducting our own player signings and will continue to do so.  Any product with a East Coast Sports Collectibles Certificate of Authenticity will have a matching Hologram both on the product, and on the Certificate of Authenticity which will be tracked in our data base.  We do not guarantee that the stock photo will guarantee that product will be authenticated by the hologram in the photo.  Any questions pertaining to a product please contact us


Q: I just placed an order and I was wondering how long until you are able to ship the item out to me

A: We will typically ship out after two business days unless the item you are ordering is a pre-order item.  We will typically ship those one to two weeks after the pre-order date has closed.  

Q: What type of markers/paint pens do you use for your signings? 

A: We have a large variety of selection to be used during our signings.  If you are looking at a specific color or style please contact us during one of our signing events so we can do our best to ensure it is done how you would like

Q: I just placed an order on the website for a pre-order event and am wondering where to ship too?

A: We will give the location to ship to upon ordering but you will be shipping to Fort McMurray, AB unless otherwise specified.  We hold back the exact location to prevent confusion or items being sent without knowing who they are coming from.