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East Coast Sports Collectibles sells exclusive sports memorabilia in Canada. Shop our autographed jerseys, autographed photos, autographed pucks, and unsigned jerseys for yourself or to give the perfect gift. East Coast Sports Collectibles has authentic hockey collectors memorabilia for all occasions, including birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, holidays, and gift-giving. Collectors welcome!
Many of ECSC's customers buy our collectable sports memorabilia because our products are a perfect gift for any hockey fan and gain value over time. Indeed, it is not uncommon to find sports memorabilia in Canada and the United States on platforms like Amazon and eBay, mostly selling for a higher price compared to East Coast Sports Collectibles! We also improve your security by providing all customers upon purchase a certificate of authenticity will all autographed sports memorabilia. Consider the different types of sports memorabilia you will find at East Coast Sports Collectibles.


Autographed Jerseys for Sale
At East Coast Sports Collectibles, you will find a vast selection of autographed jerseys. We connect with reputable Canadian hockey memorabilia sellers and host events with your favourite hockey athletes to sign your future hockey jersey. All our signed jerseys and sports memorabilia come with a certificate of authenticity upon purchase. Keep an eye out on our social media for signing events and website to pre-order and or purchase our signed jerseys before it’s too late! Consider just some of the signed sports jerseys sold by ECSC. Many more are available by clicking the link above:

Autographed Photos for Sale
East Coast Sports Collectibles has one of the most extensive, most coveted collection for autographed photo collectors in Canada. Have you ever wanted to memorialize your love for hockey and support for your favourite hockey players, but don’t have the space for a jersey? An autographed photo can be the perfect item for you or a loved one. We usually carry signed player photos in 8x10 and 16x20 which can fit in almost any space. Our photos feature hockey players from different teams across Canada and the United States on ice. Consider just a few of the autographed hockey photos we sell to add to your sports memorabilia collection. Again, you can view all of our signed collectors photos by clicking the link above:


Autographed Pucks for Sale
Signed hockey puck collectors need to look no further than East Coast Sports Collectibles! Here
you can find many autographed hockey pucks by navigating to our products page. Autographed hockey pucks resemble the key item that determines the victors of a hockey game. This can be a fantastic physical item that resembles sports memorabilia to you with a hand signed reminder of your favourite player or moment. You can see all of them by clicking the above link:

Unsigned Jerseys for Sale
Not only do we sell signed jerseys, but you can also find unsigned jerseys in our online store. We understand that you may not want to wear an autographed jersey to the next hockey game and know your sports memorabilia is safe at home. Check our latest stock of unsigned jerseys by clicking the link above. And remember to spread the word about East Coast Sports Collectibles. Thank you for your trust, and thank you for your purchase.

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