Hockey Hall of Fame: Exploring Iconic Memorabilia Exhibits

You can't visit Toronto without making a stop at The Hockey Hall of Fame. The attraction, located at Yonge and Front Streets in the heart of the city, is entertaining for everyone, regardless of how big a hockey fan they are. For those who collect hockey memorabilia, it is a must-see. 

Roughly 300,000 visitors pass through the Hockey Hall of Fame exhibits annually, making it the most attended sports hall of fame in the world. In addition to autographed hockey memorabilia, the 65,000-square-foot museum and hall includes interactive games and two theaters.

There's a lot to take in. It's easy to get distracted by the engaging exhibits and miss out on an important piece of hockey memorabilia. As Wayne Gretzky once said, "You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take."

So before you plan your visit, make sure you're acquainted with what's on display. Here are some of the top attractions at The Hockey Hall of Fame.

The Hyundai NHL Zone

Look for autographed hockey memorabilia as you walk through the NHL Zone—which celebrates the National Hockey League. You may see sought-after autographed hockey jerseys and autographed hockey pucks.

This space is divided into sections, often hosting a temporary exhibit. You won't want to miss NHL Retro, which showcases hockey's evolving fashion from different eras. There are also autographed hockey photos lining the glass cases.

Esso Great Hall

Esso Great Hall is a must for any hockey fan. The hall—located inside a beautiful cathedral-like space—houses all of the major NHL trophies. 

There's also a wall with portraits honoring every member of the Hockey Hall of Fame. Among those honored are hockey players, builders, referees, and linesmen.

Here, visitors are allowed to pose for a printed photo with the cup.

Lord Stanley's Vault

The Hockey Hall of Fame building was once the Bank of Montreal, and this is evident when you step foot into Lord Stanley's Vault. Once an old bank vault, the stately exhibit houses some of the most prestigious hockey memorabilia and trophies in existence. 

The vault is tucked inside the Esso Great Hall. Inside you will find an impressive collection of Stanley Cup rings. 

The original Stanley Cup, donated by Lord Stanley and presented from 1893 to 1962, is also found here.

The Canadiens Zone

You feel like you're playing for the boys when you have a seat in this replica of the Montreal Canadiens historic dressing room. The replica is built to scale, exactly like the former space at the Montreal Forum.

The room hosted 23 Stanley Cup champions from 1924 to 1996. The collection of hockey memorabilia here honors hockey players like Lafleur, Beliveau, and Plante.

The Canadiens Zone gives visitors a hands-on experience with NHL hockey equipment from different generations.

The Mask

It's not every day you come face-to-face with hockey's iconic masks. Import Dragons presents the Mask-an exhibit that showcases recognizable masks from 90 famous goalies.

As guests enter, they will be greeted with a display that illustrates the evolution of the goalie mask, and how it's changed over time.

The collection of masks rests on a wall, creating a powerful and striking display. Hockey fans will see masks from hockey players like Johnny Bower and Ed Belfour. 

TSN SportsCentre Desk

Sports fanatics can live out their dreams as they sit in this replica of the TSN SportsCentre studio for a mock audition in journalism. 

The studio features a live teleprompter. All auditions are recorded and available to download online after your visit.

The National Bank World of Hockey Zone

The National Bank World of Hockey Zone boasts an impressive hockey memorabilia collection. 

Artifacts on display here celebrate some of hockey's most unforgettable moments. You may even find autographed hockey pucks.

Visitors will find the "Lucky Loonie" that was buried in the ice before the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. The "Lucky Loonie" was later retrieved by Wayne Gretzky and donated to the Hockey Hall of Fame following Team Canada's two gold medal wins.

And who could forget Canada's 2010 gold medal win? Sidney Crosby's gloves, stick, puck, podium, and "golden net" from his iconic winning goal are on display here as well. 

For those looking to celebrate women's hockey, there is also a full exhibit that celebrates leaders in the sport. The exhibit shares stories of excellence and honors players who have made contributions to women's hockey.

NHLPA Game Time

For a more interactive experience, visitors can the NHLPA Game Time area. 

Visitors can step into a model of a real-world rink and play two interactive games. They can face off against life-size animations of some of the hockey greats. 

A realistic video scoreboard looms overhead. It broadcasts play-by-play while spectators watch from outside the rink, cheering on fan favorites.

Shoot Out or Shut Out

If you've ever wondered what it takes to hack it in the National Hockey League, the Goodyear Shoot Out and Pepsi Zero Sugar Shut Out will allow you to find out.

Here, guests can step onto a model rink with real pucks and sticks and face off against virtual versions of some of the best hockey players. 

You can shoot at a net with simulated versions of Andersen or Price. Or try to intercept sponge pucks flying out of a screen at 70 mph by simulated versions of Ovechkin, McDavid, and Crosby.

The barn-burner experiences are recorded on video, so you can catch the replay and highlight reel later.

Upper Deck Collectors' Corner

The Upper Deck Collectors' Corner isn't for everyone. But for hockey memorabilia collectors, it's sure to be one of the highlights.

This area is unique to other Hockey Hall of Fame exhibits. It celebrates the phenomenon of hockey collectors and hockey's place in pop culture. 

Here you will find hockey trading cards, arcade games, and novelty items. 

Don't Miss These Hockey Hall of Fame Exhibits

The Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto is a must-see for hockey fans. The space is jam-packed with hockey memorabilia and interactive experiences. 

This list of Hockey Hall of Fame exhibits will help you plan your visit accordingly.

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