9 Tips for Collecting Hockey Memorabilia

The National Hockey League has been active for over 100 years. Although the league is only in the United States and Canada, the NHL is one of the largest sports organizations in the world. 

For many, hockey is more than just a sport. The word "hockey" means playing in recreational leagues or attending games with family and friends.

Many avid fans are also passionate about collecting hockey memorabilia. Collectors view this as a natural extension of their love of the sport.

Seasoned collectors are able to grow their collections and sometimes generate a profit by following these principles. Keep reading to learn nine tips to help you build the best hockey memorabilia collection.

1. Narrow Your Focus

Before you begin collecting hockey memorabilia, decide what specifically interests you. This focus can help you keep your collection organized and pristine. Losing focus can lead you to impulsive purchases, that may not retain their value.

Having a specific focus can help you stay organized and committed to your collection. Your focus doesn't need to be confined to a singular team. Some collectors want to collect memorabilia from a particular time range or type of equipment.

A collection of antique hockey cards is much more likely to appreciate in value than a hodgepodge of goods. Consider collecting jerseys, game-winning pucks, or trying to collect autographs from a team's roster.

2. Learn About Authentication

You may want to stock up on hockey memorabilia for your personal satisfaction. However, you should strive to verify the authenticity of your collection. This will be helpful if you ever choose to sell any of your items.

The emergence of online marketplaces has made it easier to locate hockey memorabilia. This is more convenient than scourging garage sales. However, comes with the risk of encountering counterfeit merchandise.

Spend time researching and learning about authenticity methods, trusted merchants, and certification procedures. Knowing how to authenticate merchandise can help you raise the value of your collection and keep scammers at bay. If you are able to sniff out a fake, you won't waste your investment in faux merchandise.

Our team at East Coast Sports Collectibles can help you grow your collection and verify the authenticity of pieces that you already have. We have a wide array of autographed hockey jerseys and autographed hockey pucks. 

3. Grow Your Collectors Network at Events

Take the time to meet with other collectors and attend events and conventions. Because most collectors narrow their scope, fellow hockey enthusiasts may be able to direct you to some great artifacts.

Visiting hockey memorabilia events and conferences can help you expand your own collection as well. These events provide an opportunity to learn from experts and track down rare pieces.

Collectors who are looking to sell their memorabilia will surely be in attendance. You might come across valuable pieces that you wouldn't find anywhere else.

4. Prioritize Preservation

Maintaining the value and condition of your hockey memorabilia requires proper preservation. You need to work on your cleaning and presentation to help improve your collection's value.

Invest in archival materials like the following:

  • Acid-free sleeves for cards
  • UV-protected cases
  • Acid-free cleaning products

Investing in these preservation tools can help ensure that your collection is kept in pristine condition. Autographed hockey memorabilia can be incredibly delicate. 

Keep your collection out of direct sunshine and in controlled humidity. The last thing you want is for rare or autographed objects to be damaged due to years of neglect.

5. Build Connections

Networking within the hockey memorabilia community can be incredibly beneficial. Joining online forums and local collector clubs are a great way to hunt down collector's items.

If you are a beginner, be proactive about seeking advice and sharing your knowledge. Building connections with other collectors can lead to potential trading opportunities. Fellow collectors are often "in the know" about upcoming releases or rare finds.

6. Practice Patience

Concentrate on accumulating items that provide you with joy and personal fulfillment. There may be months or years between each addition to your collection, but that is normal. Take the time to consider the objects and their value to your collection.

When collecting sports memorabilia, quality comes first. Before buying you need to evaluate the condition and origin of each piece you contemplate adding to your collection.

7. Consider Looking at a Wide Range of Years

Older memorabilia definitely has a unique appeal and is an impressive addition to your collection. However, if a team dissolves the value of the memorabilia can skyrocket or fade off.

Don't neglect to invest in more modern pieces to keep contemporary works in your collection. This can add diversity to your collection and add some interest by featuring famous hockey players. Having your collection reflect a wide range of years showcases the history and present status of the sport.

8. Document Your Collection

Keep a detailed record of your hockey memorabilia collection. Include images, descriptions, purchase dates, and any historical information that is pertinent. Autographed hockey photos are hard to track and verify if you don't have good documentation. 

The more information you can have to document your collection, the better. Bookkeeping will help you keep track of your belongings and secure your insurance needs. These records are helpful for future sales or donations.

9. Put Passion Over Profit

There are two distinct types of sports memorabilia collectors. Those looking to fulfill their passion and those looking for profit.

Some collectors look at their collection solely as an investment. Although, it is great to try to retain your collection's value. Try to build a collection that will heighten your love of the sport.

The value of certain items may fluctuate, however, they are more likely to retain their worth if they are well cared for in your collection.

Be Savvy When Collecting Hockey Memorabilia

For hockey fans, collecting hockey memorabilia can be a thrilling and gratifying experience. By following these collecting tactics, you can develop a collection that shows your love of the sport and protects your investment.

Contact our team at East Coast Sports Collectibles to grow your hockey memorabilia collection.

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